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Projects and Work
Just some of Arlo Anwin's creations.


Arlo Anwin Composed the soundtrack for this short film which premiered at the Minnesota Film Festival 2022. With a focus on Ukulele blended with electronic elements. Starting  Jake Levitt and Laura Dooling.

loons soundtrack cover (1).jpg

In Series

A fully electronic composition blending fieldrecording with innovative synthesis. Described by tometotheweathermachine as 'a unique and immersive listening experience'


Winters Approach

Kalimba and field recordings blended together for a haunting and visual exploration of the onset of winter. 



Banjo and Ukulele intertwined with electronic artifacts created with manipulated field recordings.

FINAL Hope Mechanism.jpg

Podcast Theme Music

The premier music education podcast with episodes performing in the top 25 percent of podcasts on earth. Arlo Anwin Created the theme music for this renowned podcast.

podcast logo_edited.jpg

Mindful Tune-ups

Creating the content for this game changing music and mindfulness web app. Working with immersive drones, field recordings and traditional instrumentation.  MindfulTune-ups is in over 250 schools. 


Moments from Home

A guitar driven composition, intertwined with field recordings. 

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