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Sound Waves

Music From Surprising Spaces

Music From Surprising Spaces is a project by Arlo Anwin - an exercise in finding beauty in your surroundings.

Each project is based around a composition created from sounds found in a specific space or place (for example a specific town). Found sounds or field recordings are blended with stunning instrumentation to create an inspiring piece of music.



Workshop: Working within the community to inspire and equip people with the knowledge to collect/record their own sounds and be a part of the composition.


Compose: Arlo Anwin creates the composition, bringing sounds from the community to life, finding additional sounds and using instrumentation.

Performance: The composition is then performed in an informal performance/presentation accessible for all.

The Pilot (Launceston May 2023):

The pilot project based in Launceston brought together and worked with Launceston Town Council, Launceston Town Hall, Launceston Library, The Charles Causley Trust, local home education groups, ASONE and local schools.

What happned?

Two workshops - Working with home education groups (Attendance Approx 50). Students learning to field record and submitting their sounds for the composition.

Online CPD for teachers - Teaching music teachers about field recording (watched approx 30 times). Teachers where then able to run their own session and schools were then able to submit their own field recordings to be part of composition.

Composition creation - Arlo Anwin then worked with sounds captured by students from schools and in workshops, as well as captures own sounds from the area including working with important artefacts like Charles Causley type writer. Which becomes the main percussion element for the composition. Watch the video explainer here...

Performance - Performed at the Guildhall in Launceston for a premier (attended by approx 50) then again for Causley festival in July (attended by approx 50). You can listen to twon short clips of the performance and composition here...

Two Short Clips From Live PerformanceArlo Anwin
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